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It has been my honor to use my gifts in the service of others for over 25 years. Mediumship, relationships, finances, career decisions, health issues, and mentoring of other psychics are some of my specialties... 
I so look forward to working with you!! 
Awarded "Best Psychic in Santa Fe, 2013"    
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Holly Robinson, Psychic Holly,
  • PSYCHIC READINGS: past, present, future
  • MEDIUMSHIP: contacting those who have crossed over
  • CLEARINGS: space, energy, chakra

Based in the beautiful, energetic community of Delray Beach, FL I am blessed to offer in depth readings & clearings to my clients. I have been a practicing clairvoyant for over twenty five years; because I work through spirit guides I have been able to counsel and guide people in varying situations, giving  specific answers to all questions. I am a medical intuitive, leading those with physical dis-ease to new insight and revelation regarding the origins of and healing options for their malady. 
It has been a privilege to use my gifts as a medium to contact those who have crossed over, offering a "second chance" at communication and resolution for my clients and their loved ones. I have also been able to serve as a mediator or "go between" among home owners and "other" energies that may be inhabiting a space. Conflict resolution between the dimensions is especially gratifying when a healing or 'going toward the light' can be facilitated. 
It is my heartfelt prayer and intention to be of service to those in need, please contact me if you are.... Blessings....Holly
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Life altering readings, done in the spirit of love and light.....